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Product Management

Product Management

In publication of an item, the texts entered in the [ customize label ] by Seller will be regarded as its SKU (an unique item code). Every time when the product is sold, the system will compare the SKU of the data automatically. If the SKU cannot be found in the data base, one will be generated automatically. After the SKU addition, you may define the initial customs declaration information for each SKU. When you change the Delivery Information in the future, the system will automatically recall the initial values to save time in changing the Delivery Information. You may make changes to the main table of SKU at any time.

Please follow the steps below to make changes in the main table of SKU:

  1. 1. Click [ SKU Management ]
  2. 2. Click [ Edit ]
  3. 3. Change the initial SKU settings. Click [ Save ]

You may also change the Item Custody Information in the Delivery Information when changing the Delivery Information.