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PayPal API authorization

PayPal API authorization

Seller may choose to use either Buyer’s eBay address or PayPal address as “Buyer’s shipping address”. When you finish this setting, EC-Ship will automatically capture Buyer’s eBay address or PayPal address as the default shipping address.

Please follow the steps below to choose Buyer’s shipping address:

  1. 1. Click [ Set Preferences ]
  2. 2. In [ Source Of Shipping Address ] , choose eBay or PayPal
  3. 3. If you choose PayPal, you need to set up your PayPal account accordingly.

If you decided to use PayPal address as delivery address, please provide PayPal email that is used to receive payments. You also need to authorize Shipping Tool to retrieve addresses from PayPal.

The steps are as follows:

  1. 1. Log on to www.PayPal.com
  2. 2. In [My Account], click on [Profile]
  3. 3. In [Account Information], click on [API Access]
  4. 4. Click on [Grant API permission]
  5. 5. Enter API account username:"shippingtoolpaypalapi_api1.pushauction.com" and click [Lookup]
  6. 6. Select " Obtain information about a single transaction " and " Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results "
  7. 7. Click [add]
    1. After completion of PayPal authoriztion, you also need to verify the authorization in preference.