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Upload order

Upload order

The Shipping Tool provides two types of order-obtaining processes: 1 - import orders from eBay by selecting [System automatic import from eBay] and by [Manual upload]. If choose [Manual upload], the system will stop importing in 5 minutes and delete all transaction in [Unpaid] and [Paid] folders.

System automatic import from eBay

  1. 1. The system will import orders from user’s eBay account.
  2. 2. In [Preference], choose [System automatic import from eBay ]
  3. 3. After save the setting, the system will delete all transactions in [Uploaded order] folder. The system will take several hours to import transaction of past 14 days from your eBay account.

Manual Upload

Please set as below:

  1. 1. In [Preference] menu,choose [Manual upload]
  2. 2. In Home page - [order management] - [uploaded order] - Bulk operation , click [upload order]
  3. 3. Choose the order that needs to be uploaded in [upload order] window
  4. 4. If all data are correct, after upload successfully, the information will display in [uploaded] folder. Otherwise an error list will appear and all errors will be reported in the list. Please modify your information according to error report and re-upload. For ignoring the errors, please return.